How to buy less and wear more

There is nothing more frustrating than buying clothes that end up in the back of the wardrobe because they do not flatter you, you have nothing to wear them with, or do not know how to wear them. As we become more conscious about spending money, it is time to make the right decisions when shopping for clothes.

The secret to buy less and wear more is to know what suits you. I believe that anything goes, whatever your age or shape as long as you wear it right. Therefore knowing what colours and shapes suit you is important. Not only will you buy fewer good quality pieces but you will wear these again and again, and become a more confident person who looks and feels great, while also saving money.

Before going shopping you should have a well organised wardrobe with only items that suit your shape, colour, and lifestyle. This is crucial in helping you to know what to buy to complement your wardrobe. As a result, on your next shopping trip you will only purchase what you need and be free from any impulse buying. Moreover you will build an interchangeable wardrobe and you will be able to create various looks with fewer pieces.

My clients have said the benefits in getting help from a personal stylist is life changing, liberating, money saving, and astonishing. It has also helped them to achieve greater success in their career and in life.

Shopping tricks:

Make a list of what you need to purchasse

Determine a budget

Set yourself a time limit per shop to avoid temptations

Always try on clothes

Wear make up so you will look your best when trying the clothes

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In next week’s column: Special hats and headpieces; how to wear them.


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