Packing for your holidays

When packing for holidays we are easily tempted to bring half our wardrobe and end up having a suitcase full of stuff that we probably will not wear during our stay.

Successful and stress-free packing relies on good preparation. Packing only what you need will help you to enjoy your holidays while looking and feeling great.

Depending on the type of holiday you are embarking on, you need to think about practicality, comfort, and style, especially if you are travelling with children or if you are going on a sports or activity holiday.

You should ensure that your chosen garments can be mixed and matched in order to create more looks with fewer pieces. For instance, one cotton trousers can be worn during the day with a vest, or at night time with a dressier top. Or take a summer dress; it can be worn during the day with flip flops and sunglasses, and at night with high heels and a wrap or a light jacket.

You can cut down on footwear if you look at it as multifunctional. Wedges, for example, are very versatile and are great for day and evening. The same can be said for a nice big bag that can be carried as your hand luggage on the airplane, as well as on the beach or when shopping. When it comes to jewellery, bring the minimum. I would always recommend bringing necklaces or bracelets instead of earrings because they are more versatile, and also earrings can get lost easily.

Toiletries are tricky as they take up lots of room and tend to be very heavy. The trick is to either buy part of your products when you arrive at your destination (check availability with your hotel you or look up on the internet ), or you can buy travel size products, or you could collect samples of products you already use.

Once you start packing your items, start by placing the items that you want to remain flat, such as trousers and skirts. Then place folded items, such as tops and jackets, in the middle layer. Then place the heavy items on top to keep everything else in place and avoid the clothes beneath creasing. Rolling your clothes is great for saving room in your suitcase.


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