Sneeze no more

If you suffer from hayfever - the most common allergic disease in Ireland - and are looking for a natural treatment check out Allerclear, a herbal remedy which costs less than €10.

It is available in nasal spray, eye drop and preventative tablet form (the preventative tablets are suitable for over eights only and not for early pregnancy. The nasal spray and eye drops are suitable for pregnant women and children ).

The technical name for hayfever is seasonal allergic rhinitis. It is a reaction to pollen and fungal spores. The symptoms change as different plants and trees come into flower. For example, the hayfever season generally begins with the release of pollen by trees in February and continues until the end of May. Most people with hayfever are allergic to grass pollens. These pollens are in the air between May and September and are at their peak in June and July. Later in the year, from summer into autumn, levels of weed pollen and fungal spores rise and cause problems.

* Allerclear is available from local pharmacies and health stores. For further information on Allerclear products and hayfever log onto



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