Get golden summer skin

Get set for summer with a subtle summer glow with new St Tropez Everyday Mousse. This instant-dry formula gradually delivers a hint of natural-looking, golden, colour to the skin. With its lightweight, velvety, texture and aloe vera-infused formula, St Tropez Everyday Mousse simply glides on providing effortless glamour every day.

All new look St Tropez products now contain innovative Aromaguard™ technology, which effectively banishes the odour associated with self-tanning by reducing the smell and leaving a subtle, yet refreshingly exhilarating, fragrance that's unique to your skin featuring hints of powdery iris roots, fresh fruits and violets. The science behind the fragrance means that as the product develops, fans can relax safe in the knowledge that their skin will look beautiful, as well as smell divine. You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from partners everywhere!


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