Children’s swimming classes in Clarinbridge

Braemor Swimming Club has announced its return to classes in Clarinbridge on Fridays at 5.20pm and 6.10pm. The 5.20pm class caters for beginners and improvers. Under Braemor's expert care even the most nervous child can learn to swim. The club's experienced, qualified, teachers pay close attention to all pupils' technique, ensuring they learn to breathe correctly on front crawl.

The 6.15pm lane swimming class focuses on all four strokes and ensures pupils can swim for longer distances with ease. Swimming is an essential survival skill which all Braemor pupils can and do attain.

All classes are run in line with Covid guidelines and class numbers are limited. The new course commences on September 25. To reserve a place phone Anne Page at 085 1223303. One to one adult classes are also available on request.


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