Live interactive online English classes with John Conneely

Covid-19 has caused our attitudes to many things to be re-evaluated and teaching and learning have not escaped. John Conneely regards the challenge as an opportunity to deliver classes in a different way so that individual students will be able to interface with the syllabus at a pace that suits them.

John Conneely will deliver interactive online English classes at a set time each week to maintain the routine of face to face teaching. All classes are broadcast on Friday evenings. The content of the Leaving Cert Higher Level English syllabus is divided into 26 sections, each lasting approximately one hour. For term one each class will focus on one poem and one text question from from Paper 1 which will be sent to students by email on the Tuesday before each class.

At the end of each class a written task will be given to students to be completed at home. This task will examine skills practised in the class. Completed tasks must be emailed by Tuesday morning prior to the next class.

Twenty minutes is the maximum to be allocated to this written task. The corrected answer will be returned with comments, marks, grade and a sample answer, along with the the new handout for the following week.

Term one [September to Christmas 2020] will also allow John Conneely to begin an examination of the module The Cultural Context -part of the comparative study section of the English paper. Again, answering questions will be the main focus of these classes. Learning the skills of analysing a question to find out what is required in the answer is an important part of each class.

Through analysing the keys words and phrases in a question and practicing the correct responses to these, students will notice a major improvement in their marks.

Phone 091 637206 or 087 2563264 for more information.


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