Options now available to the class of 2020

Patricia Uí Fhlaithearta,

Career Guidance Counsellor

Students who wish to sit the Leaving cert exam commencing on November 16:

Students sitting the written examinations in November who opted to receive Calculated Grades will be credited with the higher subject grade achieved between the Calculated Grade and the written examination. Students can sit one or all subjects, at their discretion. The start date: is November 16 and exams will take place on evenings and weekends. They will be graded on the basis of their written paper only.

However in the case of the following 5 subjects where coursework had already been completed prior to school closures the State Examinations Commission will include marks awarded in those subjects, they are,

Home Economics (already marked by the SEC );

LCVP Portfolio;

Design and Communication Graphics;

Physical Education (PE ) Physical Activity Project;


If grades increase, students will be provided with an updated CAO offer and start college in autumn 2021. This will have no impact on fees or student grants.

Available/Vacant Places for students who still hope to obtain a college place in 2020

Those places only become available after the Round 1 CAO offers have been made and arise only when a college or university still has places available for application. Additional course places become available, for example, where a new course may have opened after the CAO Change of Mind deadline, or where all the places on a particular course have not been filled after CAO offers are made. Once the waiting lists of CAO applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements for that course have been worked through, these vacancies are advertised and made available for application.

How to apply

Log in to your CAO account using 'My Application'

Click on 'Add Level 8 Available Place Course' or 'Add Level 7/6 Available Place Course' as appropriate and follow instructions.

Available/Vacant place course codes may only be inserted higher in the list of preferences than any offer already received to date. If an applicant wishes to be considered for any existing courses on their choices list, they must insert all available place courses below those they wish to retain.

If a student was offered their first choice but is no longer interested in this course they can apply for an Available/vacant place even though they were offered their first choice?

Key dates and important information once you have accepted a college offer.

Late Sept./Early Oct. College registration/start/ vary depending on college

1st Oct: C.A.O. Round 3 offers from 10am

6th Oct: Acceptance of Round 3 offers must be returned by 3pm

8th Oct: C.A.O. Round 4 offers from 10am

13th Oct: Acceptance of Round 4 offers must be returned by 3pm

16th Nov: Written Leaving Certificate commences.

For many colleges this autumn teaching will be delivered through a mix of face-to-face on-campus and online methods. Students will have online access to a range of specialist courses across all Institutes of Technology, Universities and Technological Universities. For those students who will be entering 3rd level for the 1st time preparation is key in order to alleviate stress. Please prepare by doing the following:

Attend orientation — All colleges offer orientation and this will primarily be online this year. Make sure you attend as it will help you settle in and get a better understanding of the year ahead.

Get to know your timetable, the campus and surrounding areas- Access your timetable and a map of the campus, and figure out things like:

Public transport


Which buildings you will be accessing.

Get books and equipment as required — Every student will need a computer and you will need to know how to access the library in the college in order to access the literature on your programme. Many books are made available as e-books, but there may be some books or other course equipment you will need to purchase so make a list and include them in your budget.

Follow relevant social media accounts — Following the social media accounts of your college and any related and relevant services is not a requirement, but it is a great way to stay up-to-date on any recent information and can also help you feel part of the college community.

Know where to turn for advice or support — Every college have a range of support services for students, from administrative support to counselling and medical appointments. Most students need to access these services from time to time and there should be no shame to do so. Look for ‘Student support services’ or contact the Student Union for advice on where to turn. For any students with a disability, register with the Disability Support Service for an initial needs assessment. (E.g. assistive technology, exams accommodations etc. ). For those of you who have had a successful DARE application it is very important to seek out this service if you have not already been advised to do so by the college.

Good luck and I hope that you have a very positive college experience.


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