Special offer for a limited time at the Herbal Academy

Order the foundation herbal medicine course at the Herbal Academy and get the colour therapy and healing course for free. As well as this, students who do the foundation course also get a free aromatherapy mini course, an acupressure course, and a reflexology mini course, all for free with the foundation course.

The foundation herbal medicine course is the main course at the Herbal Academy. In this course you will learn many new things including how to maintain a healthy life, alkalize your diet, maintain a healthy pregnancy, maintain a healthy weight, which herbs help fight infection, and reduce stress and anxiety.

With these online courses, anybody can expand their knowledge of home herbal remedies and better understand how they enhance your health and longevity. The Foundation Herbal Medicine course is the most comprehensive material and is supported strongly by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners. When purchasing the foundation course, you will also receive the color therapy course for free.

Now more than ever, herbal medicines are widely taken and valued as home remedies to improve health. In this course, you will learn about dozens of herbs and their health benefits, learn the basics of herbalism prescribing from the comfort of your own home and help improve your longevity, vitality, and health today.

Colour therapy has been used as part of medical practice for hundreds of years and is of great significance in the holistic approach of complementary health practice. Colour therapists understand and use the energy contained in the vibrations of colour rays to promote health and healing.

Order the foundation herbal medicine course and get the colour therapy and healing and three bonus mini courses for free at theherbalacademy.ie/enrolment

This offer is valid until September 30. For any additional queries visit theherbalacademy.ie and/or contact the Herbal Academy at [email protected] or phone 093 27033.


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