Captain Marvel - the most fun you can have in a cinema

Brie Larson has the charisma for the title role, but Ben Mendelsohn steals the show

Brie Larson is Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.

Brie Larson is Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.

CAROL DANVERS - Captain Marvel's true identity - is not very well known to non-comic book readers, but, over the last decade, she has become one of Marvel comic’s best characters.

Kelley Sue DeConnick took over writing the series in 2012 and has created some of the best stories I have read in the genre. With a firm feminist slant in an industry that has had an issue with misogyny, she turned what some considered a boring character, into one of the prize jewels in Marvel's crown.

I will not dwell on the plot as it is reliant on having seen so many Marvel super hero movies, and also, it reads like gibberish. However, the general jist is, several years after being rescued by Yon-Rogg, and having amnesia, Carol has spent the last few years training to be part of Starforce on the planet Hala. When a mission brings her to earth in 1995 her memories start to return and she begins to question everything she knows.

'The Skrulls have definitive and achievable goals, which makes them more interesting villains rather than just looking for death and destruction'

Brie Larson as Danvers does a really great job. She has the charisma required and I cannot think of another actor who would suit the role so well. While on earth, Danvers teams up with Nick Fury, a regular in the Marvel films. However as the film is set in 1995, CGI is used to make Samuel L Jackson look younger. The technology is incredible, 1994 was the year Pulp Fiction came out so many will know exactly what Jackson looked like that year. The only time you notice it being off is when there is some running (Jackson is in his seventies ), but aside from that it is perfect.

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Even with Larson’s charismatic performance and the incredible Jackson de-ageing, it is Ben Mendelsohn as Talos who steals the film. He has worked with the directors before in 2015’s underrated Mississippi Grind. Mendelsohn is really funny and charming and the writers bring a brilliant twist to his character. The Skrulls have definitive and achievable goals, which makes them more interesting villains rather than just looking for death and destruction. A bit like Killmonger in last year's Black Panther, a film is a million times more interesting when you have a sympathetic villain.

There are issues, the action is not perfect, and the editing is a bit jumbled, and I acknowledge I am in the minority thinking this is a brilliant film - most critics are giving it an OK to good score - and maybe my expectations being lowered coloured my experience, but I have not had this much fun in a cinema in a long time.




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