Kairos therapy introductory workshop

An introductory workshop to Kairos therapy will give you an experience of how the therapy works.

Kairos therapy is the Rolls Royce of energy medicine, based on 32 years of research. Practitioner Maureen 34 years of experience teaching and practising the therapy. It has been advanced over the years due to research findings and new discoveries in quantum physics in the area of consciousness.

With our busy modern lifestyles it is important to keep stress to a minimum. Kairos therapy is very successful in doing this.

In the workshop, you will learn to do the therapy on your family for relaxation when you go home. You will also receive a session during the day. This will give you a comparison to other ways of energy used in healing. This can be a great day of relaxation.

If you decide to pursue further training, a two year programme is available, meeting nine times, one weekend per month, and a one week residential in Connemara in September each year. The price of this training has been kept because of the recession but will go up next year. For more information or to book a place on the workshop contact Maureen at 087 2808572 or [email protected], or see kairostherapy.com/Practitioners/Ireland



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