How to choose a coaching course

Choosing a course can be difficult. How do you distinguish between all the available options?

Start with yourself

Do you want to become a professional practitioner coach?

Do you want to upskill and enhance your existing role?

Do you want to offer coaching as an additional service?

Do you want to attend a course for personal reasons, to develop and increase self-awareness and learn to self-coach?

All these reasons are as good as each other and maybe for you it is some combination of those reasons. Clarity in defining your own objectives is important.

What to look for

So what should you focus on and what should you expect from a training company?

Content of the course and syllabus that is of the highest quality, current, and relevant.

Accreditation that is recognised nationally and internationally.

Support during and after the course.

Professional and fully qualified facilitators who are practising and active coaches.

A learning and development company that walks the talk through knowing, doing, and being.

Years of experience and consistency demonstrated through successes of graduates.

Positive Success Group (PSG )

For the past 15 years PSG has specialised in training coaches. Its mission is to provide a professional positive environment for individuals and groups to develop their awareness and enhance their skills.

PSG offer QQI certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma courses in coaching.

If you would like to find out more go to one of PSG’s open events — contact PSG on 01 805 7745 or [email protected] for details.


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