Take control of your health with tai chi

Tai chi is a wonderful way to make sure that your body stays in good working order and that your mind is nice and calm. It is a very ancient Chinese way of exercising that nourishes your body from within by unblocking and improving the flow of qi in your meridian channels.

We are born with our own supply of qi in our bodies, but as we age this nourishing qi becomes blocked and murky. When we practice tai chi we unblock our clogged qi and promote its smooth movement throughout the body.

The slow body movements of tai chi open joints and flex muscles in a very gentle but effective way. The core muscles which support the back are strengthened, and posture and balance are maintained and improved. The mind becomes calm and relaxed as it focuses on how the body feels throughout the tai chi routine.

An increasing number of studies show the many health benefits of tai chi, including an improved immune system, better blood pressure control, better sleep quality, improved balance, and decreased joint pain. Tai chi is a low impact exercise and can be practiced by nearly everyone or adjusted to take account of disability or injury.

Take up a regular tai chi practice and make a difference to your health, both mental and physical. Beginner classes start in Barna, Oughterard, Clifden, Westport, and Castlebar the second week of January. For more information see www.connemarataichi.ie


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