Put the sparkle into your eyes for Christmas at Oranmore Optometrists

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Oranmore Optometrists, located in the Orantown shopping centre, have truly got the Christmas festivities well underway. Santa has already had his annual eye exam to ensure he can check his lists twice without any eye fatigue, meanwhile, Mrs Claus is finally delighted to have her dry eye symptoms under control! Not forgetting Rudolph and his Deer friends, they were fitted with special anti-glare lenses to guarantee minimising glare when flying around!

At Oranmore Optometrists, each eye examination is carried out with utmost care and attention. The examination includes precise spectacle and contact lens analysis, binocular vision testing, eye pressure checks, dry eye assessment and most importantly a thorough assessment of your ocular health.

One can also avail of the innovative 3D Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT ) scan. This non- invasive and painless technology takes both a digital photograph and a three-dimensional cross-section scan of the back of the eye. This means we can now literally look beneath the retinal surface in advanced detail. Such critical detail is essential in the early detection and treatment of ocular conditions. Oranmore Optometrists highly recommend that everyone avail of an OCT scan to help safeguard their eye health. An additional fee applies to this scan but the benefits to your eyes and health are enormous.

Conditions that can be detected during the eye examination include;

• Glaucoma

• Diabetes

• Macular Degeneration

• Macular Dystrophy

• Retinal or Vitreous Detachments

• Cataracts

• Dry Eye

• Corneal Dystrophy

• High blood pressure

• Vascular abnormities

Excellent eye health care and individual customer service is our primary aim, We will always ensure that you receive the very best quality in spectacles, contact lenses and eye care products.

Everyone is welcome to come in and discover what this means for you and your family

For more information visit www.oranmoreopticians.ie You can also book online or call Oranmore Opticians on (091 ) 788537 to schedule your appointment. It is located on the first floor in the Orantown Centre.



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