Red Bird's polymorphic display

Galway Arts Centre youth collective's new exhibition

POLYMORPHISM - A state of existing in multiple forms at once. The term is both the title and the theme of a new exhibition at the Galway Arts Centre from its youth collective Red Bird.

Polymorphism is a sculpture based project, where Red Bird members each created a sculpture about "an unseen part of us; the part not necessarily obvious in the people we are on the outside every day". It was facilitated by artist Siobhan McGibbon, who is interested in intersections between art and science. She works with sculpture, installation, drawing, and animation.

Red Bird Youth Collective is a visual art group for young people in Galway city and county, and delivers large scale, youth-led projects in collaboration with professional artists, including visual art, film, architecture, digital media, performance, and literature.

Polymorphism opens at the GAC, Dominick Street, tomorrow at 6pm, and runs until Friday March 9. For more information on Red Bird, or to join, email [email protected] or see


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