Enhanced learning for all

No two children with learning difficulties are the same, so each child needs a programme tailored specifically to his/her needs.

The biggest issue for children who find learning difficult is that they cannot retain what they have learned, ie, weekly spellings or remember what they have just read let alone the comprehension passages, as they are being taught to use phonics ie, sounds as a method to learn.

The phonical learning system develops the child’s auditory memory which in turn may cause short term memory issues. As the saying goes: “In one ear and out the other”.

This can cause huge frustration not only for the child but also for the parents. Reading difficulties can be another big issue and children can have many problems, for example, eye tracking. Symptoms of this are skipping words, adding in words, losing track of where they are on the page and the biggest difficulty of all, is making the book come alive.

Enhanced Learning For All works one-to-one with children and parents over two sessions and teaches the child and parent how to use their visual memory which is our long term memory.

Children are taught how to retain weekly spellings not only by spelling forwards but also backwards, while at the same time doing exercises to correct eye tracking and most importantly, it teaches them how to turn what they are reading into a movie.

This visual programme has an instant effect on children’s confidence and enables the parent to be able to help their child without having to go for help on a weekly basis. To find out more contact Breda at [email protected]


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