Young and old can learn to swim

Braemor Swimming Club has successfully taught pupils from the age of three to 75 years to swim. Anne is a fully qualified instructor and coach, former international and Olympic panellist swimmer with many years's experience helping nervous and not so nervous adults, teenagers, and children to overcome their fear of water and learn to swim competently.

Over the years pupils young and old who have difficulty learning to swim, have gone to Anne, learning breathing techniques, or just learning to relax and feel competent and confident in the water. She believes by paying attention to detail, being very patient with the more nervous, and employing specific skillsand techniques that have been learned through many years of experience, enables them to become proficient at swimming.

"It feels great to see children who have come to me unable to swim, with good stroke technique, unable to breathe correctly, accomplishing all these skills within a matter of months," she said. "Recently one of my pupils, having improved his technique, won a gold medal at the Community Games. I also delight in seeing adults, particularly the old and nervous who thought swimming was beyond them, enjoying swimming immensely."

Anne said the feedback from students is always the same: "Their comment is always, I never realised expert tuition would make all the difference in me accomplishing my dream of learning to swim. I believe that having had the experience of being a swimmer of international and Olympic standard makes me a better teacher and coach. I also believe my having a degree in psychotherapy, and my ongoing work with university students, gives me an extra skillset such as empathy, understanding, and patience. All of these skills add to my abilities when teaching all to learn and improve their swimming. At the children’s beginners' class having a teacher in the water and another teacher at the side of the pool helps children progress quickly learning to swim."

Classes are held in Clarenbridge. One-to-one classes are available on request, and are particularly beneficial for nervous adults, complete beginners, and improvers at a time that suits the individual.

Children's classes take place on Fridays at 5.30pm and are suitable for beginners and improvers. Lane swimming for advanced swimmers and introduction to life saving takes place at 6.15pm. Children's courses commence on Friday September 22. Adult Courses commence on Thursday September 21 at 8pm. To book, phone 085 1223303.



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