For top quality meat, go to Heaney Meats

Heaney Meats factory shop, Ireland's largest meat supplier, has a massive gym following, and in keeping with what people want the business has introduced egg whites.

From O'Egg, the egg whites are the only natural egg white product available. Heaney Meats is one of the cheapest in the country with that product.

Heaney Meats offers a 100vl (visual lean ) steak mince; that is 100 per cent fat free product. The business also stocks turkey mince, turkey sausage, turkey burgers, and turkey escalopes. These are all from 100 per cent lean turkey breast only. Heaney Meats also stocks turkey rashers in their natural form, not reformed or minced but sliced turkey meat.

Along with all these products, customers can buy a salt and chilli stir fry from Heaney Meats which is perfect for the 'fake away' fans. Giving them a takeaway experience but clean and tasty.

Heaney Meats listens to its customers and responds to what they want.

Visit the award winning factory shop in the Liosban Industrial Estate.

For more information call 091-384951 or email [email protected].


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