Your guide to a beautiful lawn with Greenhand

A common sight in lawns at this time of year is small brown circles or patches of grass that appear to be dead or scorched.

Upon closer inspection you will notice that there can be a red or pink tinge to the brown areas. This is red thread, a common fungal infection which can occur at any time of year, but is particularly prevalent in late summer and autumn. It is brought on by a nitrogen deficiency coupled with humidity or the excessive dampness of a wet summer. The fungus can lie dormant in the soil for up to two years, and when the conditions are right it will show itself. Small brown circles of red thread infected grass can appear almost overnight, and as it spreads throughout the lawn, the small circles will join together and create larger areas of discoloured grass.

Red thread can be controlled by the application of nitrogen and the risk of future infection can be reduced by taking measures to improve drainage and aeration. Scarification to remove moss and thatch build up will help, and compacted areas will benefit from forking or the use of an aerator. Also ensure that the soil is not deficient of nitrogen.

Call in professional help if you suspect red thread may be in your lawn. To book your free analysis and no obligation quotation call Jean on 098 39155 or 0870 555 155. You can also find Greenhand on Facebook.


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