Your guide to a beautiful lawn with Greenhand

It is the thing that every gardener wants... a beautiful lawn and to be the envy of the neighbourhood with a flawless carpet of healthy grass. With a little bit of work and some sound help and advice it is not so difficult to achieve.

At the outset, one of the most important things to understand is what your lawn wants and needs. It likes to be cut regularly, the more often the better, beautifully manicured golf courses are mowed several times a week, a great example of what can be achieved with a little and often approach.

The length of the cut is equally important. Mowing it tightly puts the grass under a great deal of stress and removes the beautiful colour. Shaving it is also playing into the scourge that is moss, with no grass to impede its progress it soon takes a firm hold. So leaving an inch or so of length after each cut will promote healthy growth and colour.

With those two gems of information on board it is also beneficial to adopt a regular lawn feeding and weed killing programme. Many products are available to buy but why not take the guesswork away and employ the services of a professional lawn treatment company. Greenhand Lawn Treatment Services is one such company.

To book your free lawn analysis and no obligation quotation just call Jean on 098 39155 or 0870 555 155. You can also find Greenhand Lawn Treatment on Facebook.


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