Does size of your bed matter? Two thirds of women say it does

Do you know what the best bed size is for you?

There are so many different theories out there on how to get your best night of sleep but sometimes we overlook the most obvious answer to the question: bed size. While it may sound silly, bed size can seriously affect a person’s sleep every night. Have you ever wondered if you were sleeping on the right size mattress?

According to the Sleep Council, the size of a person’s bed can have a significant effect on the quality of their sleep and their ability to go about their daily tasks and routine. The organisation also advises mattress buyers to always buy as big a bed as they can afford, stating that having a bed that fits will considerably improve the chances of a good night’s sleep.

Your bed should be around five inches longer than your height, and if there are two of you in bed, you should have enough room to lie down side by side with your hands beside your head and your elbows not touching. Even if you enjoy cuddling and snuggling, nothing is more important than the option to toss and turn throughout the night without hitting into your partner. Bigger bed sizes are especially important for those with back and leg problems. The larger bed gives you the ability to sprawl out and stretch whenever you need to. Not to mention snorers – if you or your partner snores, it is really important to have a big bed and gain a little distance from the noise.

Big beds should not be regarded as a luxury, but rather a necessity in this day and age of stress and lack of sleep. It is important to find ways to relax in even the tiniest of forms. Knowing that you have a big comfy bed to come home to each night gives you something to look forward to. As many people say, “I need my personal space” and the same theory should be true when it comes to your bed.

It is important to remember the bigger the better, and size really does matter!

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