Type 2 diabetes – curse or reverse

Have you ever thought that having type 2 diabetes does not need to be a lifelong curse, a never ending journey of increasing medication and reducing quality of life.

Dr Eva Orsmond is presenting a discussion on the treatment of type 2 diabetes through lifestyle change at the Red Cow Moran Hotel, Dublin, on Sunday May 28. Go and listen to her inspiring discussion and hear first hand from other ordinary people who have reversed or improved their type 2 diabetes.

Patrick, a farmer from Co Roscommon, was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic approximately 10 years ago by his GP and subsequently began taking prescription medications to control it. He decided to book an appointment at the Oranmore clinic to see Dr Eva. Patrick weighed 90.4kg (14st 3lb ) when he started the programme. He now weighs 78kg (12st 4lb ) and has seen a huge improvement in his health and overall quality of life. He has regained control over his eating habits and that has helped him get and keep his medication to a minimum.

When Jan started at Orsmond Clinics in June 2016 he weighed 101.6kg (15st 13.5lb ). He lost 14kg (31lb ) and reduced his HbA1c from 57 (7.5 per cent ) - diabetic, to 37 (10/10/16 ) (5.5 per cent ) - non-diabetic – his HbA1c is now the same as a normal person. During this time Jan has been off all his diabetic medication. The means he has not taken 480 tablets of Glucophage/metformin.

For more information go to www.orsmondclinics.com or www.eventbrite.ie


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