Sinus relief with acupuncture

As the weather gets damper sinus sufferers can feel the all too familiar symptoms of facial pain, breathing difficulties, head pressure, stuffy noses, and foggy thinking. If this is you do not despair – sinus and sinusitis can be naturally treated with acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese herbs.

According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, sinus problems are caused by a number of imbalances in the body, and the task of your Chinese medicine practitioner is to discover the source of these imbalances and then create an individualised plan to combat them.

For some sinus can be triggered by an attack of the wind. For example the Chinese say ‘catch the wind’ in the same way we say ‘catch a cold’, and catching the wind means an imbalance in the lung meridian. Care Cure practitioners work to bring the immune system back into balance by clearing the nasal passageways of excess wind.

Sinus can also be triggered by stagnated heat in the gallbladder, damp heat in the stomach due to too many greasy and spicy foods, or from an imbalance in the energy of the spleen. Your acupuncturist will consider many things, such as the coating of your tongue and pulse, when diagnosing the cause of your sinus. Based on this a course of treatment will be suggested.

So why suffer any longer? Visit your local Care Cure Clinic in Galway city, Loughrea, or Tuam or call Care Cure on 091 539996/086 2159282 for further details or to book a free, no obligation, consultation.


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