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Rena Maycock and Feargal Harrington, co-founders and Directors of Intro Matchmaking

Rena Maycock and Feargal Harrington, co-founders and Directors of Intro Matchmaking

Professional Matchmakers explain why it’s important to prioritise finding happiness with that special someone.

We have been in the business of matchmaking for 6 years and one of the most frustrating things about it is receiving calls from people who enquired years ago, then again last year and who never just took the leap and joined up. Life takes over, life is busy, but it is busy for everyone. The kids need to be dropped to school, the cows need to be milked and exams need to be studied for but I do not believe that there is no way to carve out a couple of hours one night in a week to go for a nice meal with someone that could turn out to be your perfect match.

In Ireland, loneliness kills as many elderly people as cancer does. And while I’m not saying matchmaking is solely for older generations, in fact our youngest member is 21 and our oldest is 83, there is no reason to be alone on this earth unless you want to. We organise up to 100 dates every week and we have arranged thousands of matches so we know there is someone out there for everyone.

As a nation we are great at putting things on the long finger and making excuses not to get out of our comfort zone and take a chance. If you’re thinking you’re in the wrong County-you’re wrong, we have clients from all 32 counties. If you worry someone will not want you, the right person will want you, just as you are. So no matter who you are, where you are or what age you are, for goodness sake do something about finding love today and don’t waste another precious moment!

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