How to reduce your belly fat in seven days and lose twenty eight pounds in ten weeks

Are you self conscious about your belly fat? If you would like to lose your stomach fat and get a great looking waistline, the answer is to burn real fat, lots more real fat. Unfortunately nearly all weight loss plans burn very little fat.

With your stomach the real problem is fat; our stomachs have way too much fat. Focus on burning the fat and you will see enormous results. And the secret to burning lots of real fat is to get a good metabolism. With a good metabolism you are re-training your body to burn fat – you become a fat burning machine.

A good metabolism ‘unlocks’ the doors to stubborn fat, especially on the stomach and even on the lower stomach below the belly button. This fat is locked in due to metabolism faults that include hormone imbalances.

A good metabolism means getting your digestive system, thyroid, liver, adrenal [stress] glands, and hormone balance back towards their ideal working condition.

Your metabolism faults are also at the root cause of poor sleep, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, ME, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, IBS, constipation, and many other health problems you might be suffering from. By fixing your metabolism you will get huge benefits. Indeed, you will never get better unless you fix your metabolism first.

System 10 analyses your metabolism and then provides the food, exercise, and nutrition plan to fix it. Let System 10 transform your health and body, even those difficult stubborn areas you thought you could never change. Call Grace on 087 1727882 for an appointment and information on Galway clinics.


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