New generation Hyundai i30 here in early 2017

New Hyundai i30 - here in 2017.

New Hyundai i30 - here in 2017.

The new generation Hyundai i30 is the DNA car for its Europe market, according to Hyundai Motor.

The South Korean manufacturer claims it is setting a new milestone that will shift the buyer’s perception of Hyundai as a brand that is European at heart.

Available in early 2017, Hyundai says the new generation i30 is the answer to changing contemporary values and customer attitudes on technology driven solutions, individuality in style and flexibility.

“We have listened closely to customer needs in redefining our offer to create a car for everyone. It’s the new people’s car: accessible, appealing in design, and great to drive,” says Jochen Sengpiehl, vice president marketing at Hyundai Motor Europe. “With up-to-date infotainment and connectivity features, we offer everything today’s digital natives and modern customers expect.”

The manufacturer says the new generation i30 is a smart choice for those seeking an appealing design, high build quality, an efficient and dynamic ride, and a state-of-the-art safety package. The new i30 comes with more active safety features than any other Hyundai vehicle and its long-term reliability is guaranteed by the unique and industry-leading five-year unlimited mileage warranty.

“To create a car for everyone, we focused on a wide range of different people,” explains Peter Schreyer, president and chief design officer of Hyundai Motor Group. “So the design is an evolution of Hyundai Motor’s design language with natural flowing lines, refined surfaces and a sculpted body to create a timeless appearance.”

Hyundai claims a comfortable and dynamic driving experience is in store, with a large choice of efficient and dynamic power trains. The new generation i30 supports very agile and responsive handling and is the first Hyundai car to feature the new turbo-charged petrol engine, the 1.4 T-GDI with 140 PS.

A family of cars

The new generation i30 is more than just one model. Hyundai says it will become a family of unique products united by a timeless and balanced design.

The new generation i30 family will also feature the first high performance model under Hyundai Motor’s N brand which will go into production in 2017.


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