Ford searches for Ireland’s oldest Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta Mk 1.

The Ford Fiesta Mk 1.

First introduced in 1976, Ireland and Europe’s favourite small car, the Ford Fiesta, is celebrating 40 years. As part of the celebrations, Ford in Ireland is hoping to uncover Ireland’s oldest Fiesta.

Launched in the same year as Apple Computers and supersonic passenger flights on Concorde, few could have predicted Fiesta’s phenomenal success.

“The Fiesta has had such a unique and exceptional heritage in Ireland,” says Ciarán McMahon, chairman and managing director of Ford in Ireland. “It has been part of the family for countless households down through the years and is the car that most of us actually learned to drive in – experiences like that build a unique and strong affinity.”

The Ford Fiesta has sold more than 17 million units around the world since its launch in 1976. In Ireland, some 180,000 Fiestas have been sold giving it a rightful claim to the country’s longest-standing and favourite small car.

“Fiesta succeeded in staying popular by changing with the times and always staying right up to date. The latest version is a testament to that – stylish, great driving dynamics, excellent fuel economy but as technologically advanced as models selling for a multiple of the price of the Fiesta. That is why the latest version of Fiesta has been the top-selling small car in Europe for the last four years and I am sure the next 40 years will be just as successful for Fiesta.

“When you consider how Fiesta has changed over the years, with each version getting better and better, it is the essence of our recently launched ‘Unlearn Ford’ campaign which invites motorists to forget what they think they know about Ford and look at the company differently. Anyone who only knew the earlier versions of Fiesta will be astounded to experience the latest version, which is as stylish and technologically advanced as any car on the road today,” says McMahon.

In 1976, the Fiesta went on sale for the price of £2,365 and as a quick flavour of how times have changed: the 1976 Fiesta came with options including a screw-off aerial, today’s Fiesta is geared towards the ‘connected’ generation, with excellent connectivity to smartphone and apps and with the latest voice control technologies.

In its search for Ireland’s oldest Fiesta, Ford is hoping owners of early Fiestas will come forward and contact their local Ford dealer.

The owner of Ireland’s oldest Fiesta and their car will be guests of honour at a special celebratory event for 40 years of Fiesta that will take place in late September.


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