Citroen’s new super comfort and design experience

Exclusively revealed one month ahead of the Paris Motor Show, the Citroen CXperience concept car embodies the brand's "Be Different, Feel Good" promise in the large hatchback segment.

With its distinctive body style, this new and stunning concept illustrates the benefits of the Citroen ‘Advanced Comfort’ programme.

Citroen will showcase a world first later this month at the Paris show with CXperience concept, which brings a fresh new approach to the hatchback segment. The exceptional new body style is a step forward that marks a new offensive in brand strategy.

This innovative plug-in hybrid vehicle is immediately recognisable with its distinctive style and cleverly designed rear-hinged doors. The bold lines express power, while the generous curves express the car’s own stylistic language.

Citroen says it is inspired by the high-tech world, the new front end, grille and updated signature headlights, create a unique style. The rear end also makes a statement with strongly marked wings and a concave rear window with a fin for improved aerodynamics.

To contrast the (wait for it ) pearlescent sea green exterior colour, the materials inside the car are a citrus yellow shade to create a fresh and assured ambience. The seats are upholstered in a padded-effect yellow mesh fabric and the backrests feature an elegant shade of walnut wood.

In line with the brand's know-how and heritage, this latest creation features the hallmark of Citroen vehicles. CXperience concept is the latest demonstration of the Citroen ‘Advanced Comfort’ programme, designed for the comfort and well-being of all passengers.

Citroen claims that supporting the styling and technological development of new brand models, the programme reflects changing customer expectations and is considered at every stage in the design process.

"The Citroen CXperience concept car challenges convention to express a new vision of executive hatchbacks. It also fits in perfectly with the ambitions of the Citroen Advanced Comfort programme. CXperience concept illustrates the brand's capacity to deploy its ‘Be Different, Feel Good’ promise in this segment.” Citroen Global CEO, Linda Jackson.

Citroen says that an easy to use infotainment system allows passengers to control a range of functions. A smartphone and mobile tablet can also be used to activate a range of controls including starting the car and sharing media files with other passengers. CXperience concept also features the ConnectedCam Citroen premiered as a world first on Citroen’s new C3. All technology will be available for testing at the Paris Motor Show.

“The whole Citroen style team pulled in the same direction to create a new executive hatchback with international reach, breaking conventional codes to express the brand's values: optimistic, human and smart," says Alexandre Malval, Citroen design director.

More on the Experience concept after the Paris Motor Show.


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