The Burning Hell - 'the good guys occasionally win'

Canadian band to play Róisín Dubh next week

The Burning Hell.

The Burning Hell.

"THE BURNING Hell write the kind of literate, funny, catchy songs that makes you want to learn all the words and shout them passionately back in their faces." So said Drowned in Sound, about the Canadian band that plays Galway next week.

The Burning Hell, led by songwriter Mathias Kom - described by Q magazine as a "mischievous, caustic people's poet with a world view that lets you know the good guys occasionally win" - play the Róisín Dubh on Monday May 9 at 9pm, as part of a European tour to promote their new album Public Library.

Public Library has been described as a collection of "short stories drawn from different sections of the bookshelf of the brain", with songs about murder mysteries, romance, a prison diary, and another about Elvis and Michael Jackson moonwalking their way into space and/or global annihilation.

Mathias formed The Burning Hell in 2007, and since then they have played everywhere from Glastonbury to a mental asylum in rural France. Musically, The Burning Hell runs the gamut from introspective folk to hyperactive rock'n'roll to hooky, upbeat pop songs. Check out their latest single 'Man Without Hats':

Mathias will be joined by Ariel Sharratt (vocals, saxophone, clarinet ), Darren Browne (vocals, lead guitar ), Jake Nicoll (vocals, drums, pump organ, synths, piano ), and Nick Ferrio (vocals, bass guitar ).

Support is from Galway folk-prog/indie band My Fellow Sponges. Tickets are available at, the Ticket Desk at OMG Zhivago, Shop Street, and The Róisín Dubh.


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