The true cost of fertility treatment

Galway Fertility Clinic boasts exceptional success rates, when compared with both Irish and European clinics, making it a centre of excellence in the fertility arena. There are only three fertility sub-specialists in Ireland, with two of those now based at Galway Fertility Clinic.

Cost and success rates are the two main deciding factors in choosing which facility to use. Once you’ve made the choice to explore your fertility options, it is vital to be clear on what exactly is included in your price quote and which services incur extra or hidden costs.

Dr Declan Egan, the clinic’s medical director underscores the importance of doing proper research before deciding on the best facility for you.

"Choosing which clinic is one of the most important decisions a client can make, however it is important to understand what’s included in the cost of your treatment cycle. Our cycle cost gives you the best opportunity to achieve a pregnancy. There are no hidden extras."

Galway Fertility Clinic has an all-inclusive price for many treatments. For example, IVF treatment at the clinic includes costs for a high-tech embryoscope, which has increased success rates all around the world. The clinic is the only facility in Ireland to have two of these. For more information, call (091 ) 515600 or check out


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