Galway Fertility Clinic celebrates twenty-one years

This year Galway Fertility Clinic turns 21, along with many of its first babies.

For more than two decades the Clinic has been at the forefront of introducing the latest IVF technologies and expertise in order to achieve the best chance of success for hopeful parents. It is extremely proud of its success rates which rank as the highest rates in Ireland, well above the European average.

There are only three sub specialists in this area within Ireland. Clinic founder and medical director, Dr Declan Egan is one, and now, with the addition of Dr Nik Purandare, there are two fertility specialists at Galway Fertility Clinic.

It is never too soon to start exploring fertility options. Many people think IVF is the only treatment available when there are many other options available to couples following an assessment, including lifestyle changes for example, smoking cessation, diet, stress reduction, etc.

The clinic is recognised not only in Ireland but worldwide, for its high standards, exceptional levels of patient care, and its impressive success rates.

Seeking fertility advice can be daunting. Galway Fertility Clinic provides confidential, friendly and understanding advice to all. Clinic staff are available to answer any questions, telephone 091-515600, or browse the information online at


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