A Sudanese exhibition in Kinvara

A work by Salah Ibrahim.

A work by Salah Ibrahim.

DESERT TO Doorus, is the title of a fascinating new art exhibition which is currently running in Kinvara, which features the work of Salah Ibrahim and Ahmed Hussein, from Darfur in the Sudan.

Salah Ibrahim’s work is inspired by the ethically diverse tribes of Darfur; vivid imagery from grandmothers’ bedtime stories intermingle with traditional symbols to create a beautiful fusion of myth and reality. Ahmed Hussein is from the Dajo tribe who were prominent in the ancient kingdom of Kush, the black Pharaonic dynasty of Sudan. Much of the symbolism and imagery of this civilisation imbues his work.

The exhibition is running at The Courthouse on Sraid Locoal-Mendon, Kinvara, up to and including this Sunday. Opening hours are 12 noon to 6pm.



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