Olaplex — insurance for your hair available at Ritz Hair & Beauty

Olaplex is a revolutionary product that is not comparable to regular conditioning treatments. It dramatically reduces breakage during colour services and makes your colour last longer.

It is new technology that works on multiplying and perfecting the hairs' disulphide bonds (the main strength bonds in the molecular structure of the hair ).

The first step is a single ingredient additive that is mixed into hair colour or bleach. This multiplies molecular bonds inside the hair while the hair is being coloured, meaning no more damage when colouring hair. This also means hair colour lasts much longer as the internal structure of the hair has been enhanced.

The next step is a cream based version of the same product — this perfects and strengthens the bonds inside the hair while using conditioning agents to enhance the hair further. It is worth noting that now that the hair structure has greater integrity, it will be more receptive to all other products and treatments — conditioning treatments are more effective, styles last longer, and you need to use less styling product to get the desired effect.

Go blonder. Push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of your hair.

This technology means colourists can do more with your hair colour, all while knowing the integrity of the hair is maintained and even improved.

Olaplex is available from Ritz Hair & Beauty, 16 New Dock Road, Galway, phone 091 564005.



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