Heart and Soul Wellbeing opens in Leisureland

Teresa Curley is a highly qualified therapist/practitioner who has recently opened a new practice within the Leisureland complex. Ms Curley specialises in weight loss and obesity, while reflexology, massage, and meditation are also available at the treatment rooms.

The therapist has a passion for holistic health and believes a balanced mind, body, and spirit will help you achieve lifelong health and wellness.

Do you wish to manage stress, eat well, and lose weight? If so this is the place to visit. The majority of us are aiming to lose a few pounds before the endless eating and partying over the festive period. The Touch, Detox, Slim programme at Heart and Soul Wellbeing is the perfect way to kick-start healthy habits and develop a new lifestyle, leading to increased wellbeing and a transformed shape.

The treatment includes dry body brushing and a sea salt scrub to get rid of dead skin. This is followed by a slimming massage using a powerful blend of oils, which is a proven technique to break down body fats.

Teresa travelled to Thailand during the summer to further develop her training in massage therapy and meditation. The therapy is completed by enveloping your body in warm, mineral rich mud from the Dead Sea to further eliminate toxins.

The second stage of the programme is the detox element. This encourages you to get back to the basics by eating simple nutritious food which allows your digestive system to heal, while supporting your hard working liver. Why not give your body a rest and you will reap so many benefits, have more energy and look amazing.

Heart and Soul Wellbeing understands change can be challenging but it becomes much easier when you are provided with the knowledge and support you need to live your best life.

Heart and Soul Wellbeing, Leisureland. Phone Teresa Curley on 087 287 1551.



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