Nevins Pharmacy Roscam launch new logo and slogan

Nevins Pharmacy — Easy Access, Good Advice

Following the launch of Nevin’s Pharmacy new logo and slogan, proprietor pharmacist, Dr Barra Nevin talks about their meaning and the future of Pharmacy.

What does your logo stand for?

‘The logo consists of a familiar looking cross, which is typical of a pharmacy symbol but looking more carefully consists of two hearts joined together recognising the close friendship and bond we have with our patients and customers’. Alternatively, he said ‘it can be seen constructively as two capsules intersecting each other, representing the common connection medicine and pharmacy services have in the health service’.

Can you tell us about your — New Slogan – ‘easy access, good advice’?

‘‘Being located East side of the City, proximate to the end of the M6, Oranmore and Galway City, our ‘easy access’ is unique to the region, providing free parking and one-stop neighbouring services – GP, Dentist, hair- dresser, laundrette and Spar shop’. In addition, he said ‘we pride ourselves in providing highly professional and good advice’ and pointed out that ‘we are perhaps the only medical profession that provides free advice, without appointment’. Dr Nevin added ‘over the last year, Nevin’s pharmacy has rolled out a Public Health Awareness Campaign (‘Ask Your Pharmacist..’ ) in local newspapers, advising on topics such as the flu vaccine, emergency contraception, sun protection, food poison- ing etc.

What do you see in the future for pharmacy?

‘Pharmacy in Ireland is rapidly changing and will provide more services’. He pointed out ‘only last month, the Minister for Health, Dr Leo Varadkar signed a statutory instrument enabling pharmacy to administer some ‘prescription-only’ medicines, without prescription in certain emergency situations. Also, it will allow pharmacists to give the pneumonia and shingles vaccine in addition to the now well- known service of giving the flu shot’.

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