Durance – a scentual experience

Master perfumers from Grasse employ all their expertise and creativity to design delicate, elegant, and well balanced perfumes.  They really do know how to make the highest of quality fragrances. 

Each perfume is adapted depending on the desired method of diffusion and the sought after qualities. The perfumed bouquets and room diffusers give a warm ambiance with continual, long lasting, diffusion. The home perfume sprays give an immediate fragrance release, whereas the scented candles give an amazing warm and intense scent.

The body range includes the Tradition de Marseille Collection. It is rich in essential oils, flower and fruit extracts. Its liquid soaps, bar soaps, and hand creams come in a range of colours and scents. They are produced using an ancient method using copra and olive oils. Enriched with essential oils of rose, lavender, orange, and verbena, they are perfumed with the traditional fragrances of Grasse.

The Durance range of home fragrances, perfumes, and body products is now available in Matt O’Flaherty Chemists, William Street. They would make an excellent gift, the favourite being the scented flowers, which will fill your home with delicate scent. These retail at €24.90 and come in a beautiful presentation box.

The scented envelopes can be used in drawers and wardrobes to give a hint of freshness to your linen and clothing, these retail at €4.50. 


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