Nearly half of Irish people would consider cosmetic fillers

Irish attitudes to cosmetic beauty are rapidly changing, Thérapie Clinic reveals 

According to new research from Thérapie Clinic, the majority of Irish people (58 per cent ) are uncomfortable with starting to look older and almost half (47 per cent ) would consider fillers to counteract this.

The research has revealed that Irish attitudes to cosmetic beauty are rapidly changing and the majority of us (60 per cent ) now admire the improvements fillers can make to a person’s appearance. 

Over a fifth of Irish (23 per cent ) believe their attitudes to fillers have been influenced by celebrities they admire having the treatments, although more than a third (39 per cent ) were not sure that the average person could achieve these same great results. 

Perhaps for this reason, more than one in three (35 per cent ) would be motivated to try fillers, knowing that their family or friends had tried them, rather than a celebrity.

While the positive experiences of family and friends seem to have a big impact, the vast majority of people (80 per cent ) say they would not be put off their decision by negative reactions from family and friends, if it was what they really wanted. 

In fact, the vast majority (70 per cent ) of respondents would not seek their partner’s approval at all, when considering filler treatments.

However the perceived cost of fillers proved to be of considerable concern. While half (51 per cent ) feel if they really wanted it, the price would not stop them, the other half (49 per cent ) said they would not feel comfortable spending so much money on a treatment for themselves.

For almost all respondents (96 per cent ) who would consider filler treatments, the reputation of the clinic they choose would be extremely important (84 per cent ) or relatively important (12 per cent ). The majority (67 per cent ) would also prefer that their treatment was carried out by a doctor, although almost a quarter (24 per cent ) were not sure. One in 10  would have their treatment carried out by a nurse, if it was cheaper.

“This research shows that, across the country, Irish people are becoming increasingly inclined towards the use of fillers and less stigmatized about having the treatments themselves," Thérapie Clinic surgeon Dr Andre Nel said of the results. "Botox and fillers are not for everyone, but for some people, these treatments can make a positive difference to their self-image and confidence. Thérapie Clinic treatments are only carried out by world-leading doctors and we ensure the most natural results possible."

“We believe our treatments should be accessible to all Irish people who feel they would make a positive different to their lives," said Deirdre O’Dowd of Thérapie Clinic. "So we are now offering anti-wrinkle treatments for only €120 per area in both our Galway and Athlone clinics.”

To join the conversation about changing Irish attitudes to Botox and fillers, go to or For more information call 1890 650750.


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