Taste of France — come in, discover, and taste it

Taste of France, located in Cross Street Lower, is owned and run by Thierry and Catherine Schreiber, natives of France. This store offers a wide range of products from renowned French suppliers known for their made-in-France tradition from areas such as Provence, Drome, and Basque country. The product range on offer includes candies, linen, accessories, natural cosmetics, and a delicatessen.

New products that have arrived and are now also available in store include the following.

Organic teas: Green, black, herbal and rooibos flavoured loose teas, all organic, in nice bags, or some special editions in boxes and available to taste in the shop.

Jams: A fine collection of fruity jams from Alsace. Taste in the shop the Wild Rose jam, which is very famous in Alsace, or other fruit you do not usually find in Irish jams.

Honey: Two typical honeys from Provence are a chestnut honey particulary recommended at this time of year because of its good effect on the respiratory system and sinus, and lavender honey. Other flavours are expected to arrive in store soon.

Seafood specialities from Brittany: Rillettes, tined sardines or mackerel, seaweed, or everything you need to prepare a delicious French style fish soup — Rouille sauce, croutons, and of course bottles of this special Brittany soup, and the Foie de Lotte, a natural seafood foie gras, a good idea for Christmas.

These new products have now joined the olive oils, vinegars, tapenades, mustards and terrines from Provence, a great collection of chocolate products such as chocolate and caramel spreads, chocolate bars and boxes, huge marshmallow bars topped with chocolate, candies, natural cosmetics from Provence, and the colourful series of linen and bags from Basque country

At Taste of France, all the products have been carefully selected in France, first tasted by owners Thierry and Catherine, and showcase some of the best quality produce France can offer.

As what is good for the earth is good for humans, the selected products are natural and organic, as far as is possible.

No concession has been made in the way the products have been produced; for example all the cosmetics are made with olive oil, and contain no parabens or palm oil.

Also when you buy olive oil at Taste of France, you can return with your empty bottle, the team will refill it, and you pay just for the oil, a nice way to preserve our planet.

Pop into the shop on Cross Street to see the wide range of products on offer. You will not be disappointed.

Taste of France, Cross Street Lower, Galway, phone 087 442 1857.


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