Terry Alderton returns to the Róisín Dubh

Multiple-voiced comic is back in August

Terry Alderton.

Terry Alderton.

TERRY ALDERTON, the astonishingly original British comedian with seemingly multiple personalities, and an off-beat brain that, unleashed, lets loose comedy gold every time, returns to the Róisín Dubh on Friday August 7 at 8.30pm.

Terry's comedy combines using an array of voices and characters, where they are in competition with each other, and often, with Terry himself - think of it as a solo singer singing three part harmony on his own. The inspiration for this approach came from the realisation, following a 2005 show in Manchester, that he was “turning out the same old same old just like so many others”.

“In the old show I had been doing I had a routine about not being understood by people of the USA with a broad London accent," he said. "The routine had me saying to the barman in a New York bar ‘Could I have a medium white wine?’ He replied ‘We only do the one size!’ I would act as if I were leaving the bar, then turn my back on the audience and talk in two different voices: one telling me I should go back, the other suggesting the same but show some of that bulldog spirit. These ‘voices’ now told various truths about the show, the gig, my material, the audience. I’m still often unsure how to use it and that makes for moments of magic, danger, discomfort.”

Support is from Robbie Bonham and Edwin Sammon. Tickets are available through www.roisindubh.net, from the Ticket Desk at OMG, Shop Street (formerly Zhivago ), and The Róisín Dubh.


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