Family comedy/magic show @ The Loft

THE MAGIC Beard, the zany comedy and magic show for all the family, performed by Seska, comes to The Loft at Seven, Bridge Street, this Sunday at 2pm and 4pm.

In 2013 Seska ran away from his job as a lion-tamer at the national circus in Izbekistan after he bit one of the lions, or so the story goes. He began performing comedy and magic street shows last year in Britain, France, and Belgium, and has put the best parts together in one show - The Magic Beard.

Expect exploding lightbulbs, card tricks, funny original magic, a bogey cake, and sawing a mum in half with an electric saw! His act won praise from Jonathon Ross, who declared "my kids loved him".

Tickets are available on the door at €5. For more information see Seska on Facebook.



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