Delicious seafood at Mary’s Fish Shop

Mary’s children Tara and Erin, with their friend Ailish, pictured at the recent fish cookery demonstration day.

Mary’s children Tara and Erin, with their friend Ailish, pictured at the recent fish cookery demonstration day.

Mary of Mary’s Fish Shop would like to thank all those who attended the shop’s recent fish cookery demonstrations. Building on the success of her first demo day last Easter, Mary was joined by the Galway Bay FM roadcaster and several top chefs, all of whom seemed to be enjoying the day as much as the customers who were happy to eat the fruits of their labours.

As each chef was at pains to point out, cooking fish is easy, get the freshest fish and keep it simple. While that may indeed be true, not everyone has the confidence to tackle a live lobster, but having watched it being prepared Mary’s lobster tank was sold out in a couple of hours, so someone must have been inspired.

There are several reasons why people shy away from cooking fish, and some of it has to do with the preparation. However fear not, Mary will do any preparation you need — skinning, descaling, de-boning, filleting, even cleaning out squid for you. This is what a good fishmonger will do as part of the normal customer service.

This week there are some special offers which should tempt you: plaice fillets for 50 cent each, and mackerel side fillets for 50 cent each (all bones and fins removed ). To cook both of these you simply require a pan, some oil, seasoning, and three or four minutes to cook, depending on the size of the fillet. It could not be easier. There are also salmon cutlets for €2.50 each. As the abundance of fish at the markets changes all the time, so will the special offers, so be sure to ask what the offer is when you visit Mary’s Fish Shop. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5.30pm, and Saturday 9.30am to 2pm.

Mary would like to thank Anthony Shephard from Elle McGuire’s, Padraic Casserly from G Counter, Julian from Loughrea Hotel, John Casey from The Pantry, Michael O Meara from Oscar’s Bistro, Connor Cleary from Glenlo Abbey, Matthew Griffin from The Boat House, Damien McGill from Creole, Antonio Gianfrate from La Rouge, Maria McNeela from Rustic Grub, and everyone from Total Produce, Martyn's Fuel, and Glenrock stores who all made the day a success.

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