Galway's finest food tour

Cork and Limerick have one and Dublin has at least three, so it was well overdue for Galway to have one also. A city rich in farming and fishing history, there are many more culinary treats to Galway than meet the eye. Sheena Dignam is more than happy to share these with us on her new food tour of the Galway Market and further afield, designed to best showcase some of our tasty treasures.

This original food walk makes a morning in the city a fun experience for locals and visitors alike. The very enterprising Sheena takes us on a leisurely stroll through town, introducing us to people passionate about feeding us the very best. Her engaging tour is peppered with fascinating snippets of information, but what makes it fun is a shared interest in good food and a curiosity about the city and its people. The groups are purposely kept small and intimate. Sheena has extensive knowledge in this area as she works at the popular Kai Café and Restaurant and has a large network of foodie friends. Somewhat of a Francophile, she speaks fluent French and has even collected a French boyfriend on her travels.

Expect a day of delicious discoveries

Early on a Saturday morning I meet up with Sheena and the other walkers, a charming Kiwi couple, outside Evergreen — the starting point of our culinary adventure. We are presented with a map and a bottle of water (for palate cleansing purposes ) before setting off to our first food stop, Griffin’s Bakery. The morning continues on a magical mystery trail of the finest food with surprises at every turn. A trip down the market is a highlight, curious, offbeat, and colourful as always. This is the heart of our flourishing food scene and a place where the past melts imperceptibly into the modern. We traipse through the cobblestones and leafy terraces, meeting local vendors and characters, eating as we go.

Sheena brings people to places that are off the usual food route and the tastings are generous and frequent. We visit cheesemongers, baristas, bakers… the people who produce some of the best food available. As we stroll, she points out the interesting architecture and touches a little on the history of the city. The morning goes by in a whirlwind of speciality food shops, historic pubs, and street food stalls. It is almost one o'clock by the time it ends at Kai. But, after having sampled cake, cheese, donuts, coffee, oysters, stout, sushi, and more, unfortunately I do not have any room for lunch.

An introduction to the wealth of food in Galway

This is a great way to learn about the history and culture that makes Galway's food scene unique and at the same time discover delicious food, old medieval buildings, hidden gems, and local institutions along the way. Filled with insider tips, it serves as an introduction to the wealth of wonderful food in Galway. Whether you are new in town and looking for some of the best places to eat and shop, or just passing through, these food trails are for you. During the tour you get to enjoy a variety of food specialities that have played a part in securing Galway's reputation as being one of the culinary and cultural centres in Ireland. Around the Market Place is a very special way to get to know our city through its food.

The Tasting Trail takes place Saturdays and Sundays and lasts for almost two hours, with plenty of stops to taste and meet. The cost per person is €26 including all samples. You can contact Sheena on 086 7332885, find Around the Market Place on Facebook or email [email protected].


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