Nutrition for fertility at Glenville Nutrition Clinic

Are you hoping to conceive? Getting pregnant is not as easy as we might think. A healthy couple at prime reproductive age have about a 25 per cent chance of conceiving each month. Only about half of all couples get pregnant within six months of trying, about 80 per cent become pregnant within a year, and approximately 90 per cent at the end of two years. This means that, even if there is nothing wrong, it can take up to two years to conceive. Over the age of 35, it can take even longer.

Interestingly, the most common cause of infertility is unexplained, which means that following thorough investigations, doctors can find no identifiable medical problem. Fertility is multi-factorial so it is important to look at every aspect of your health, emotions, and lifestyle. Research has shown that making changes in your diet, lifestyle, and reducing exposure to toxins can boost fertility for both you and your partner, and also reduce the risk of miscarriage.

Nutritional expertise in supporting couples through this journey is now available at the Glenville Nutrition Clinic, Galway. Local nutritionist Sorcha Molloy (BSc hons ) has recently opened the Galway clinic, which offers the Glenville approach to natural health, founded by Dr Marilyn Glenville, ensuring the best nutritional advice on women’s health and supporting couples preparing for pregnancy either naturally or in conjunction with IVF.

If you have a health concern and would like to have an initial chat to explore how Sorcha Molloy may be able to help you, call her on 091 726344 or visit


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