The Glenville Nutrition Clinic

Nutritional expertise in supporting women’s health is now available at the Glenville Nutrition Clinic Galway. Local nutritionist Sorcha Molloy (BSc hons ) has recently opened the Galway clinic which offers the Glenville approach to natural health, founded by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, ensuring the very best nutritional advice on women’s health issues.

“It is empowering for patients to realise that the choices they make can impact greatly on their health, and with evidence based nutritional support and individualised dietary advice they can restore the natural balance which supports better health,” Ms Molloy said. “I am delighted to offer nutrition support and advice that can help couples intending to conceive, support women to achieve a healthy regular monthly cycle, or alleviate digestive discomfort and help people manage a wide variety of health conditions.”

This nutritional approach is beneficial for fertility support, digestive and IBS support, menopausal symptoms, bone health, stress and fatigue, weight management, children’s health and nutrition, and general health.

“One of the key benefits of one to one nutritional consultations is that I take time to learn and understand the overall health picture and lifestyle of the person, which in turn identifies the best way to help people adjust and make improvements,” Ms Molloy added. “Often I find people suffer in silence as they simply don’t know what measures they can invest in to improve their quality of life.”

If you have a health concern and would like to have an initial chat to explore how Sorcha Molloy may be able to help you, call her on 091 726344 or visit


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