Get ready for spring by taming your wardrobe

The arrival of spring brings new season collections and the chance for a wardrobe update. There are easy steps to tame your closet and create flattering, practical, looks for everyday and special occasions. Follow these key tips to update your wardrobe for the months ahead.

Edit and re-style

If you think, “I have nothing to wear” each time you open your wardrobe, you should do a clear out and restyle your outfits. Even for those who have a well organised closet, a quick edit will help you identity the gaps and create new outfit combinations.

Begin by looking at each item and deciding which items your wardrobe can do without. If an item does not fit or is worn out, let it go. It is best to think in terms of outfits, the easiest way is to check that everything in the wardrobe has something to go with. Add suggestions to your shopping list when needed. If you are not sure where to start, seek professional help.

Own your staples

Among the staples for spring are an A-line skirt, metallic flats, a chic sporty jacket, a casual dress, a bright top, and white pants. You probably own some of these already, but if you don’t, add a few to your list. Each staple has to suit your shape.

Colours, colours, colours

If you tend to wear a lot of neutrals such as grey, black, white, or stone, a pop of colour here and there will instantly update your look. Use colours in your accessories, shoes, and tops. For a step up, go for bottoms, jackets, and dresses in brighter hues.

Spring’s coveted colours are red, dazzling blue, cayenne, which is a shade of orange, and yellow. They all look superb on their own or teamed with spring neutrals such as navy, white, and grey. Whether solid colours or patterns, the best colours are the ones that suit your complexion.

Armed with your list and with your budget in mind, you can now plan your next shopping day out.

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