Get in shape for good with Unigym

There is no substitute for hard work to get a business up and running, and who better than a personal trainer to be bursting with the motivation to do it.

Unigym is a personal training fitness studio led by Tina McFadden, a qualified personal trainer, holistic dietician, and nutritional advisor. Her passion for nutritional education and her emphasis on results has already helped numerous clients achieve their goals; losing inches and pounds, dropping dress and shirt sizes, and improving their overall health and fitness.

So what makes Unigym different? Weight loss through dieting is often not sustainable; eventually the weight comes back, plus more. This can be due to loss of muscle, a common side effect of low calorie dieting.

Unigym recognises the key to sustainable weight loss is not only to lose fat, but to increase muscle mass. Higher muscle mass improves the body’s ability to burn calories, even at rest. Unigym applies this principle through an exercise programme designed to tone muscle and burn fat, complemented by a balanced nutritional plan.

By training smarter, results come faster. Unigym develops programmes for all men, woman, adolescents, and the over 60s. Programmes are tailored to take into account an individual's specific needs and requirements.

To ensure you get on the right track, all programmes are inclusive of body analysis, nutritional advice, and regular one to one consultations.

Unigym delivers programmes covering one month, three months, six months, and one year.

Right now Unigym is offering great promotions to new clients for month of January, as well as packages for couples preparing for their wedding day.

Up to January 31 avail of a 20 per cent discount on programmes, and couples preparing for that special day can buy one package and get the second one half price.

Unigym is based in Briarhill Business Park, other facilities at the gym include tanning studio and exercise studio for rent.

For more information visit or telephone 091 700 600.


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