Eddi Reader - new album and Galway show

EDDI READER’S Galway fans are in for a treat next month as not only will she release her new album, she will also be in concert.

Eddi’s new album Vagabond is released on Friday February 7 on Reveal Records and she plays the Town Hall Theatre on Tuesday February 11 at 8pm.

“I have been on a journey with this set of recordings,” Eddie said about the new album. “Two years ago, I began writing and playing with ideas on John [Douglas, Trashcan Sinatras]’s small Zender piano. I began falling for its sweet tone and I attempted to learn my way around it.

“It took me all the winter of that year to become acquainted with the idea I was writing and that I should start recording. I did, but only the odd day here and there. 2012 was a wonderful and weird one. John and I got married on 8 June. With that we are both blissful, but in other things we were challenged.

“John developed an incurable illness and we were distracted by health issues and family troubles. I took a while to steady my feet about all of that. Then by the end of the year, I knew I needed to pull the fellas together and try recording live – if only to bring myself back to land. The good news is John is walking the road to recovery and will get better. No fear or doubt! Buíochas le Dia!

“The recording sessions progressed throughout January 2013. I recorded around 26 songs and had to choose 12 as 26 won’t fit on a CD. This new album was supposed to be 12 songs that flowed well together but I couldn’t bear to leave some off. So I got John to choose. When I protested he would say, ‘Those songs are on the next record’. We compromised on 14.”

Tickets are available from the Town Hall on 091 - 569777 or www.tht.ie


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