Achieving the perfect manicure

Do you have dry, rough cuticles? If so, a new product from Sally Hansen, the famous US nail brand - in business for more than half a century - may be just the product you need.

The Sally Hansen Growth Cuticle Pen (€6.25 ) features a moisture treatment formula fortified with fluoride and vitamins. This fast acting complex deeply hydrates, nourishes, and seals in moisture to support nail growth. The pen provides a no mess, no spill solution for easy precise application.

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure (€10.95 ) is for breaking or splitting nails. It fills in cracks to instantly strengthen and reinforce nails and also stops peeling by sealing the nail plate and bonding the nail layers together. Meanwhile protein and powerful anti-oxidants help strengthen nails promising to give you stronger, smoother and healthy looking resilient nails.



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