Six weeks to svelte at the Kingfisher

There is no escaping the reality of it any longer- the swimsuit season is upon us and the challenge now posing itself to the public is can you tone up in six weeks? Is it possible to lose those pounds that have slowly crept on over the winter months? At the Kingfisher, that answer is always yes.

And now, the dedicated team are determined to make the mission even easier for clientes who dream of firming up and getting fit in time for the long summer days ahead. The Kingfisher summer weight loss programme will ensure you set your goal and can also become a weight control regime for life. The Kingfisher fitness and weight loss programme is a tried and trusted, proven formula of exercise, nutrition, and motivational advice to get you on your way to the targets you set out. Included in this programme are weekly fitness plans tailored to your specific weight loss targets, nutritional plans, and a weekly weigh-in with your instructor to ensure you are keeping on track to reach your goals. Clients will also be given an abundance of support and motivation as they progress. By the end of the six weeks you will not only have reached your goals, you will also be armed with the knowledge on how to continue your new found fitness regime.

The Kingfisher is a fitness facility that stands apart from any standard gym. It offers a range of high technology solutions to fitness with a selection of quality equipment. In addition to that, members can enjoy the luxurious features that makes the Kingfisher more than just a fitness studio. The 25 metre swimming pool alongside the Jacuzzi and steam/sauna areas offer health and wellbeing to members and non members alike. Swimming can develop a swimmer's general strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. It can also serve as a cross-training element to regular workouts. Before a workout you can use the pool for a warm-up session. After a workout, swimming a few laps can aid in cooling down the body. Go see for yourself as The Kingfisher also offers a free one day trial so clients can try before they buy.

The Kingfisher is also offering “three for Free” this May. Be one of the first to join and receive one – one month free, two – two personal training sessions, and 3 – three free guest passes. Contact the club to check for availability and eligibility and get your summer season off to a great start. Website; or find it on Facebook.


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