Sans Soucis now available at Salthill Pharmacy

Sans Soucis uses natural spring water sourced in Baden-Baden, Germany, in its products. The water is rich in trace elements and minerals and gives the products their strength, soothing and healing powers.

Sans Soucis maximises its use of natural ingredients and supplements along with scientifically proven elements to make its products. Sans Soucis thinks green in production, packaging, and testing its product range.

Now in Ireland, it is already sold in 45 countries worldwide and has won major awards since its inception in 1939. Sans Soucis has products for all skin types, from dry and dehydrated to acne prone, sensitive, and mature skin types. Sans Soucis products only use the best ingredients for best skin compatibility and are keenly priced.

For more information contact Salthill Pharmacy at 091 523 207.



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