Hair re-growth, the natural way with Therapie Hair Restoration

In days gone by, the word “hair transplant” conjured up images of obvious and less than natural-looking results. Today, it is a very different story. This type of grooming has undergone such development and improvement, that even the most skilled barber would struggle to notice a hair transplant.

The only actual obstacle to date has been the financial strains associated with it, but that is about to change thanks to Therapie Hair Restoration. At the Therapie Clinic (sister premises ), Shop Street, you can have the procedure done at an affordable rate through a private and confidential consultation.

Therapie Hair Restoration offers access to world leading hair restoration surgeons and technicians and has both surgical and non-surgical treatment options available. The advancements in techniques and technology mean that you can expect lifelong and more importantly, natural results. The resident surgeon Dr André Nel has extensive experience working with leading hair restoration surgeons globally, and is a member of the international society of hair restoration surgeons and the European society of hair restoration surgeons.

To date more than 1 million hair restoration treatments have been carried out worldwide. Find out how you can join this group and arrange your private and confidential consultation. Contact 1890 202 203 or visit www.therapie



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